Brief: Design the yearly Annual Report based on previous designs but create something a bit different that reflects the Department's financial year. New and old infographics were used in this report, but I decided to update them so this report had a different look to the previous ones I'd worked on. I was sent out to our sites with a professional photographer to get the imagery suitable for this report, but I also ended up going out to a site separately as we needed a different front cover. 
Working with a huge amount of stakeholders for these reports (communications, media, finance, planning, ministerials, photographers, data teams to name a few) can be difficult at times and there is always a huge amount of changes, even when it has reached the design stage. Often, we have issues with imagery and what to put on the front cover. A week before this went to print, I had to quickly organise a team of people to be photographed to get the cover for this, plus ensure the content was already finalised in the document. It was one of the reports I'm most proud of and I could see my design development from previous reports for Corrections. This was the fourth one I've worked on.
For more examples of Annual Reports I've designed, please go to this link:
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