I chose to join Meridian Energy due to its commitment to sustainable power and generation, aligning with my personal values. Although Meridian has traditionally projected a corporate image, my experience within the company has been marked by a collective effort to push boundaries and expand the brand's horizons. Meridian Energy actively engages with traditional media, utilising Out-of-Home (OOH) and collaborating on digital advertising initiatives in partnership with design agencies.
Within the marketing department, I am a part of the broader digital and design team. Our responsibilities encompass not only the Meridian brand but also extend to Powershop and Zero, Meridian's charging network. This collaborative effort involves exploring innovative approaches to enhance the brand's presence and effectively communicate our commitment to sustainable energy across various platforms and mediums.
My most enjoyable design projects at Meridian involve creating content for public-facing media, particularly those related to our generation activities. This aspect is what distinguishes us from other power companies. A recent project, lead by myself, focused on updating the signage at the Brooklyn Turbine in Wellington. The existing signage featured outdated branding, and given the location's significance as a hot spot for visitors coming to Wellington, I saw an opportunity to provide a complete refresh.
The goal was to not only revamp the signage but also improve the overall area by implementing a fresh coat of paint and tidying up the surroundings. The intention was to ensure that the updated signage not only reflected the Meridian brand effectively but also offered valuable information to the public about this iconic site in Wellington. This venture was driven by a desire to enhance the visual appeal and informational value of the location, making it a more welcoming and representative site for both locals and visitors alike.
This signage has just been put up last week (mid January) and I will be taking imagery of it soon :)
Critical risk icons
These icons were developed as a pivotal component of a campaign aimed at highlighting the inherent risks faced by staff in their daily tasks, particularly in the challenging environments of wind farms and hydro stations. Given the potentially perilous nature of the work, maintaining a cohesive and uniform visual identity across all campaign materials was crucial. This consistency not only ensured a cohesive look and feel but also facilitated easy recognition for staff, allowing them to discern and understand the specific risks associated with their respective sites and workplaces. The icons served as informative tools, contributing to an enhanced awareness and understanding of the critical risks involved in their everyday work.
Illustrations for Meridian website
These illustrations play a crucial role on the Meridian website, serving as captivating elements that inject interest and provide visual breaks throughout the web pages. Their purpose extends beyond mere aesthetics—they contribute to a dynamic and engaging user experience by breaking up the content and capturing the audience's attention. By strategically placing these illustrations, we enhance the overall design, making the website not only informative but also visually appealing and user-friendly. This deliberate use of visual elements aligns with our goal of creating an interactive and memorable online presence for our audience.
The illustrations below represent: 
An electric bike to commute to work
A holiday at a bach
Agri-business/dairy farming 
Solar power for your home.
Agri farming/crop harvesting
EV charging
Meridian's Zero Charging Network
I joined my design team and marketing peers for a field excursion to engage with actual Meridian EV customers. Our aim was to understand the reasons behind their choice of Meridian Energy as their power provider and gather insights into their experiences using the Zero chargers for their electric vehicles. My specific role in this initiative involved capturing fresh stills of our customers.
Being on-site and interacting with our customers face-to-face was a gratifying experience. It provided me with the opportunity to apply my developed photography skills to showcase the essence of the Zero brand. This hands-on engagement outside the office not only allowed me to contribute to the project but also reinforced my appreciation for the real impact our services have on the lives of our customers.
Social posts
These social media posts exemplify the diverse ways in which Meridian Energy produces dynamic and engaging content for its online audience. The realm of social media offers a unique space where we can unleash creativity, incorporating animations and hosting competitions to actively involve our existing customers while aiming to attract new ones. Working on social platforms provides the freedom to infuse a touch of innovation and interactivity into our content, creating a space where we not only connect with our audience but also showcase the vibrant and dynamic facets of Meridian Energy. It's a gratifying platform where we strive to captivate, entertain, and foster meaningful interactions to both retain our current customer base and potentially gain new followers.
These social media posts were for:
Heating over winter
Kākāpo Recovery
World Wind Day Competition
World Ranger Day
Interislander Ferry Signage
I've undertaken the task of revamping public-facing signage for Meridian, encompassing various types such as way-finding, information, and public signage—akin to the Brooklyn Turbine project. The objective is to install these signs on the Interislander Ferry, offering passengers insights into the West Wind Farm as they traverse its route. This project has been a delightful endeavor, involving a deep dive into historical archives to unravel the area's rich history. Additionally, obtaining approvals from the library was a crucial step to ensure that the imagery used complies with copyright regulations, a standard practice in design endeavours.
Note: Colours are different as this is a CMYK (printed).
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