I chose to join Meridian Energy due to its commitment to sustainable power and generation, aligning with my personal values. Although Meridian has traditionally projected a corporate image, my experience within the company has been marked by a collective effort to push boundaries and expand the brand's horizons.
Meridian Energy actively engages with traditional media, utilising Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising and collaborating on digital advertising initiatives in partnership with design agencies. Within the marketing department, I am a part of the broader digital and design team. Our responsibilities encompass not only the Meridian brand but also extend to Powershop and Zero, Meridian's charging network.
This collaborative effort involves exploring innovative approaches to enhance the brand's presence and effectively communicate our commitment to sustainable energy across various platforms and mediums. Working in this dynamic environment has allowed me to contribute to meaningful projects that resonate with my values and the company's mission of promoting sustainable energy solutions.
Brooklyn Lookout Signage

The Brooklyn Turbine signage was in dire need of an update 
as it was still showcasing old Meridian branding. Given the site’s high visibility and popularity among tourists, mountain bikers, and walkers, it was essential to align the signage with our new brand image.

Identifying this need, I proactively reached out to key stakeholders responsible for the site to prioritise this project ahead of the busy summer season. After securing budget approval, I sourced new imagery from our archives and updated all branding elements to create something new and refreshed. The space was also repainted, bringing it back to life.

Leading this project from start to finish was incredibly fulfilling. The refreshed signage and repainted area have significantly enhanced the visitor experience. Observing people enjoying their lunch and engaging with the updated signage has been immensely rewarding. This initiative not only rejuvenated the lookout but also reinforced Meridian’s commitment to maintaining a strong and cohesive brand presence. This project allowed me to utilise my initiative and creativity to transform a neglected space and show my own commitment to the Meridian brand too.
WWS OOH Billboards

Meridian Energy's marketing character, "Nature," is central to their advertising and brand identity. For a new Out Of Home (OOH) advertising campaign, I was tasked with incorporating Nature in a fresh and innovative way. Given the tight timeframe and the need to create ads in over 80 different sizes, reusing the same image wasn't an option.

I decided to leverage Meridian's key slogan, "Wind, Water, Sun," and utilised an old photoshoot of Nature to create new imagery in Photoshop. Each design was related to one of the elements, providing a fresh take on the character and pushing the creative boundaries of Meridian’s brand identity.

These new designs were prominently displayed on large digital billboards around Auckland and Hawke’s Bay. The campaign aimed to raise brand awareness and attract new customers, while staying true to Meridian’s commitment to sustainability. The visual appeal and strategic placement of these ads helped enhance Meridian's presence in these regions, demonstrating my ability to develop and execute effective marketing campaigns across multiple channels.
Illustrations for Meridian website​​​​​​​
These illustrations play a crucial role on the Meridian website, serving as captivating elements that inject interest and provide visual breaks throughout the web pages. Their purpose extends beyond mere aesthetics—they contribute to a dynamic and engaging user experience by breaking up the content and capturing the audience's attention. By strategically placing these illustrations, we enhance the overall design, making the website not only informative but also visually appealing and user-friendly.
This deliberate use of visual elements aligns with our goal of creating an interactive and memorable online presence for our audience. The illustrations below represent various aspects of sustainable living and energy use:
An Electric Bike to Commute to Work: Promoting eco-friendly transportation options.
A Holiday at a Bach: Highlighting sustainable holiday practices.
Agri-business/Dairy Farming: Showcasing sustainable agricultural practices.
Solar Power for Your Home: Encouraging the adoption of renewable energy solutions.
Agri Farming/Crop Harvesting: Illustrating efficient and sustainable farming techniques.
EV Charging: Emphasising the convenience and benefits of electric vehicle charging.
These illustrations not only enhance the visual appeal of the website but also reinforce Meridian's commitment to sustainability and innovative energy solutions.
Meridian's Zero Charging Network
I joined my design team and marketing peers for a field excursion to engage with actual Meridian EV customers. Our aim was to understand why they chose Meridian Energy as their power provider and gather insights into their experiences using the Zero chargers for their electric vehicles. My specific role in this initiative involved capturing fresh stills of our customers.
Being on-site and interacting with our customers face-to-face was a gratifying experience. It provided me with the opportunity to apply my developed photography skills to showcase the essence of the Zero brand. This hands-on engagement outside the office not only allowed me to contribute to the project but also reinforced my appreciation for the real impact our services have on the lives of our customers.
This experience highlighted the importance of customer interaction and the value of capturing authentic moments, which ultimately contribute to the ongoing development and promotion of the Zero Charging Network.
Zero Charger SiCharge Skin
Meridian is continually expanding Zero’s charger network, offering customers various options for charging their EVs. I was tasked with updating the charger skin to align with Zero’s branding. This project was particularly enjoyable as it allowed me to focus on enhancing the customer experience. Using an EV charger for the first time can be intimidating, so it was crucial to ensure the process was clear and the instructions were easy to follow.
EV Testimonials

To engage customers and increase EV ICPs, Meridian explored various strategies and discovered that testimonials from our customers were highly effective. Leveraging our competitive EV plan, which can also be used for regular power, we launched a social media campaign on Instagram and Facebook.

Customers highlighted the benefits of cheaper power between 
9pm to 7am, prompting us to share their experiences. Initially, the campaign featured static advertisements, but we have 
since incorporated animations. These ads, while simple, were eye-catching and aligned with Meridian’s brand.

The campaign has been very successful, leading to a notable increase in ICPs. It continues to run successfully, driving engagement and awareness in the market.

Working on social platforms provides the freedom to infuse innovation and interactivity into our content. This allows us to not only connect with our audience but also showcase the vibrant and dynamic facets of Meridian Energy. It's a gratifying platform where we strive to captivate, entertain, and foster meaningful interactions to both retain our current customer base and potentially gain new followers.
These social media posts were created for various themes, including:
Heating Over Winter: Providing tips and engaging content to help customers stay warm and efficient during the colder months.
Kākāpo Recovery: Supporting and raising awareness for the conservation efforts of the endangered Kākāpo.
World Wind Day Competition: Celebrating renewable energy and engaging our audience with interactive competitions.
World Ranger Day: Highlighting the important work of rangers and promoting environmental stewardship.
Through these posts, we aim to create a space where our audience feels connected and engaged with Meridian Energy, reinforcing our commitment to sustainability and community involvement.
Interislander Ferry Signage
I've undertaken the task of revamping public-facing signage for Meridian, including various types such as way-finding, informational, and public signage, similar to the Brooklyn Turbine project. The objective is to install these signs on the Interislander Ferry, providing passengers with insights into the West Wind Farm as they traverse its route.
This project has been a delightful endeavour, involving a deep dive into historical archives to uncover the area's rich history. Additionally, obtaining approvals from the library was a crucial step to ensure that the imagery used complies with copyright regulations, adhering to standard design practices.
The goal is to enhance the passenger experience by offering informative and visually appealing signage that not only guides but also educates travellers about the significance and history of the West Wind Farm. This initiative aligns with Meridian’s commitment to engaging the public and promoting awareness of renewable energy projects.
Renewable Construction Team Tees
I was approached by the Renewable Construction Team within Meridian’s Generation side to design vibrant tees for their project members. The brief was to create a colourful tee that showcased the renewable assets the team worked on. This project allowed me to get creative, using Procreate to craft the illustration. The organic look and feel of the design was a refreshing change from previous t-shirt designs. Incorporating wind turbines, hydro power, solar energy, and batteries was challenging, but I believe the illustration seamlessly tied them all together. The t-shirt reflects nature and the way renewable energy contributes to a greener future.
Waitaki Dam 90th Year Celebration Tees
For the 90th anniversary of the Waitaki Dam, I was tasked with designing a vintage-style t-shirt that represents the dam’s long-standing operation and power. This design aimed to capture the essence of the area and the historic significance of the power station. The stakeholders loved the result. The teal print stood out beautifully against the navy tee, enhancing the vintage look and feel.
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