I created this series as a project during the COVID-19 lockdown in New Zealand to get better at a different sort of vector illustration.
It was a really satisfying project and a lot of people found the facts about each bird really interesting. It is nice to give people something to look forward to each day. I created these birds for 30 days (the 4 week period of lockdown).
Kinds of birds from left to right:
1. Royal Northern Albatross   2. Banded Dotterel   3. Bellbird (Korimako)   4. Blue Duck   5. Brown Kiwi 
6. Fairy Tern   7. Fantail (Piwakawaka)   8. Bar-Tailed Godwit   9. Grey Warbler (Riroriro)   10. Kaka   11. Kea 
12. Wood Pigeon (Kereru)   13. New Zealand (Sacred) Kingfisher (Kotare)   14. Kokako   15. Morepork (Ruru) 
16. New Zealand Falcon (Karearea)   17. Little Blue Penguin (Korora)   18. Rifleman (Titipounamu) 
19. South Island Robin (Toutouwai)   20. Saddleback (Tieke)  21. Red-Billed New Zealand Seagull 
22. Silvereye (Tauhou)   23. Takahe  24. Tomtit (Miromiro)   25. Tui   26. Weka   27. Whitehead (Popokotea) 
28. Wrybill (Ngutu Pare)   29. Yellow-Eyed Penguin (Hoihoi)   30. Yellowhead (Mohua)
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