This selection of work demonstrates designs I have created while working for Powershop as a designer. Powershop is a brand that is great to work for as almost anything goes. The company has created a range of cool, news-worthy and controversial campaigns over the years and I am stoked I get to be part of their journey moving forward.
Powershop does things differently to other power companies as the customer actually shops for their power. The brand empowers customers to manage their own power by providing flexibility, insights and freedom so that they can manage their own power bills, whilst buying power packs to save money in the process.
Below are examples of Powershop Specials I have created. A "special" is around for a few days and allows the customer to buy power at a cheaper rate in the shop. Specials are always fun to work on as they are always themed to topical news-worthy stories or specific times of the year, e.g. Halloween or Boxing Day.  
Special themes: Halloween, Cyber week, Boxing day sales. These designs were created on Illustrator and Procreate (iPad).
Special themes: Crew special, Valentines day, Easter Friday. These designs were created on Illustrator and Procreate (iPad).
Blog posts
Themes for each design were: 
What's the best power retailer for you?
Comparing different power generation in New Zealand.
Is New Zealand prepped for the EV revolution? 
These can be viewed here on the Powershop website. 
Themes for each design were: 
5 cool ways solar is being used around the world.
10 Reasons to investigate solar panels as a generation option.​​​​​​​
10 reasons not to move to solar electricity.
These can be viewed here on the Powershop website. 
More solar power blog post tiles, found on the Powershop website here.
Portrait for a leaving gift for a staff member in the Powershop team. Drawn on Illustrator.
Powershop Telsa wrap concepts
This project is still in refinement and in a conceptual stage. It was an interesting project to work on being a vehicle wrap. We wanted to bring through the attitude of Powershop and the iconic "Pink" colours of the brand. 
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