As a designer, it was important to me that our wedding collateral and signage had a consistent look and feel while reflecting my husband’s and my own personalities. I aimed to create a unique "brand" for our wedding that our friends and family would recognize throughout the entire process leading up to our special day. Given our love for animals, I incorporated silhouettes of our pets into all the invites, table signage, and way-finding signage. At the time, our mini zoo included a dog, three cats, four chickens, a goldfish, and bees (beehives). Integrating these elements into the design was a challenge, but I wanted to ensure our pets were a charming part of our wedding's visual narrative.
To achieve this, I conducted extensive research to find inspiration for the design and to ensure all necessary information was clearly communicated to our guests. My goal was to provide a stress-free and enjoyable experience for everyone attending. The design process began with the "Save the Date" invites. After experimenting with various ideas, I developed a design featuring a cursive font to evoke the romantic and celebratory mood of the wedding. The silhouettes of our animals were arranged cohesively and balanced, with bees subtly incorporated into a dot pattern in the background. Small illustrations highlighting key details about the date and venue added a personal touch, making the information both engaging and accessible.
The color palette of blue combined with pastel tones created a calming yet professional look, perfectly complementing the DIY styling of our venue and table setup. The initial "Save the Date" design set the tone for the entire wedding, guiding the creation of all subsequent visual elements.
Maintaining this branding throughout all wedding collateral—from invitations to signage—was a labor of love. I am particularly proud of this project, as it required countless hours and a wide variety of designs in multiple formats. The end result was a cohesive and personal wedding brand that beautifully captured the essence of our special day. I hope you enjoy these designs as much as I enjoyed creating them!

Layout showing examples of the "Save the Date" invites, and final invites with the rest of the details for those who confirmed they are attending.
Left: Unplugged ceremony signage (featuring a cat, of course). 
Right: Ceremony signage with timings for major events of the day.
This was the look and feel of the reception area. We created and set-up this space with the help of our friends and family. We even made the Toi Toi chandeliers! It was a designers dream with everything DIY and made by us.
For our table gifts we decided to give everyone wildflower seeds they could grow to attract the bees.
Example of personalised table signage, set-up and wildflower seed designs.
Example of table numbers.
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