It was important to me as a designer that our wedding collateral and signage had a consistent look and feel but still had my husband and my own personality coming through in the design. I wanted to create our own "brand" that our friends and family would recognise throughout the process leading up to our wedding day.
We are both animal lovers and our pets are a big part of our lives so all of the invites, table signage and way-finding signage included silhouettes of our mini zoo. Having a dog, three cats, four chickens, a goldfish and bees (beehives) at the time was a challenge for me as I could imagine what I wanted to create but I wasn't sure how I would execute it successfully. I did a lot of searching around for inspiration in how it would look but also the important information that our guests needed so that there weren't any unanswered questions before the big day. I wanted their experience to be stress and hassle free.
Designing collateral and signage for the wedding was difficult as I was really critical of what I wanted to do and if I could create what I was imagining in my head. After many days of playing around with different ideas for the first of the collateral, the "Save the Date" invites, I came up with a design that included a cursive font (plays on the mood of the wedding and romance), included all our animals cohesively in a balanced way and managed to add the bees into the dot pattern in the background. Little illustrations around our dates and venue helped draw attention to important information about the day, but also maintained a bit of us in the overall design. I wanted it to feel casual, easy on the eyes and set the mood for what was to come. The blue combined with the pastel colours felt calming, but professional. This combined with the DIY styling of our venue and table set-up connected everything together.
It was great having the "Save the Date" invites to inform the rest of the design process. I maintained this branding throughout everything visual for the rest of the wedding. It is still something I am really proud of as many hours were spent creating a huge variety of designs in a multitude of different formats. I hope you enjoy them too!
Photos by our amazing photographer: Christie, The Wolfpack.
Layout showing examples of the "Save the Date" invites, and final invites with the rest of the details for those who confirmed they are attending.
Left: Unplugged ceremony signage (featuring a cat, of course). 
Right: Ceremony signage with timings for major events of the day.
This was the look and feel of the reception area. We created and set-up this space with the help of our friends and family. We even made the Toi Toi chandeliers! It was a designers dream with everything DIY and made by us.
For our table gifts we decided to give everyone wildflower seeds they could grow to attract the bees.
Example of personalised table signage, set-up and wildflower seed designs.
Example of table numbers.
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